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QueerAF and Trans+ History Week launch immersive Trans+ history  experience at Outernet London
What we do Trans+ History Week

QueerAF and Trans+ History Week launch immersive Trans+ history experience at Outernet London


London, UK. June 13 2024 – QueerAF is putting a spotlight on the millenia-old history of Trans+ people with the help of Trans+ artists with it's launchpad project, Trans+ History Week.

The Outernet London installation is from QueerAF with their first launchpad project Trans+ History Week.

Trans+ History Week continue their ‘Always Been Here’ campaign which launched the new queer week in outdoor media earlier last month.

Visitors are taken on a journey through time and space of the millenia old history of Trans+ people while immersed in the choral sounds of the UK’s first professional trans+ choir, Trans Voices.

Trans+ people are being dismissed as a “modern fashion” or “trend.” Simply sharing and celebrating the rich history of the community challenges the wrong-headed idea that Trans+ people are a new phenomenon.

A rich timeline stretches across the space with a style that references the DIY nature of zine subculture which is so iconic of trans+ communication of the past, and something that still persists in today’s Trans+ community. 

The piece focuses on three stories paired with art created by Trans+ artists from around the world. The stories of the Gallae priestesses of Ancient Rome, American activist Marsha P. Johnson and rave culture are all explored through the art.

Visitors are invited to continue their exploration of the stories from Trans+ history from a total of twenty emerging Trans+ creatives via a QR code which leads to QueerAF’s platform to read the articles and see all of the illustrations. These Trans+ creatives have been supported, given audio equipment to keep, and mentored by QueerAF across multiple commissioning schemes.

The stories featured at Outernet London in Pride month were written by Trans+ writers, Gray Burke-Stowe, Leigh Flint and Sophie Edwards. And the art was created by Sunday Avanti, Jua O'Kane, Finn Yvo.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the experience while on display in the ‘Now Trending’ public space from 17th – 30th June. Playing twice every hour throughout the period, it will be on rotation alongside pieces from Pride in London and Gay Times.

The installation itself was created by a team of Trans+ volunteers and allies led by Smarty Pants Consultancy, founded by Marty Davies, and with stewardship from Uncharted, founded by Laura Jordan Bambach. 

The core creative team includes: Motion Graphics/Animation - Den Salazar, Creative Director - Jamie June Hill and Lead Designer - Georgey Lee. With the brand identity of Trans+ History Week developed by Designer - James Addison.

The team has been supported by production powerhouse Territory Studio, and the extraordinary soundtrack has been provided by Trans Voices.

Marty Davies (she/they) (Founder of Trans+ History Week CIC) said: We’ve always been here and we always will be. For this message to find such a visible home immediately prior to a general election is significant. The foundational lie upon which all harm is built upon is the idea that Trans+ people are a trend, fashion or fad to be dismissed. It dehumanises us. Shining light on that lie removes it of its power and that’s what this installation will do.”

Jamie Wareham (he/him) (Founder of QueerAF CIC) said: “The UK media industry only thrives when it’s bursting with queer talent - so Outernet helping to give more visibility to that talent with this incredible interactive space is so valuable for them, and their portfolios. Only a media industry that represents, hires and understands us can help shift the narrative on being queer in the UK. Our commissioning schemes help to launch the careers of emerging and underrepresented LGBTQIA+ creatives and we couldn’t be more proud of Sunday Avanti, Jua O’Kane and Finn Yvo who have all had their work selected to feature in this piece.” 

Coda Nicolaeff (she/her) & ilā Kamalagharan (she/her), Trans Voices said: “This music was created through our unique process of collective sound bath improvisation rooted in community and a pursuit of sound making beyond the gender binary. Every voice in the piece is embraced for its uniqueness. Trans+ musicians have always existed and it is a joy to soundtrack this installation honouring our shared history.”

Laura Jordan Bambach (she/her), founder of Uncharted Studio said: “The opportunity to run at the Outernet couldn’t be missed, and with the talent and commitment of the creative team and Trans+ artists, including Trans Voices, Territory Studio as production partners and Den Salazar leading the motion work, the piece is a soulful and profoundly beautiful counterpoint to the other great work playing during Pride Month in the space.”


Trans+ History Week CIC is an independent not for profit and a QueerAF launchpad project. It is a week-long reflective period to learn and celebrate the momentous and millennia-old history of transgender, non-binary, gender-diverse and Intersex people. The organisation creates content and hosts events and exhibitions that reflect on history and surface learnings for our present to secure a better future.


QueerAF CIC is an award-winning independent publisher launching the careers of emerging and underrepresented LGBTQIA+ creatives with mentoring and commissioning schemes. It is the only regulated and non-profit LGBTIQA+ publisher in the UK. QueerAF launchpad projects facilitate, mentor and support LGBTQIA+ creatives to create their own original projects as part of a broader mission to improve media and creative industries representation of the LGBTQIA+ community


Outernet London is the immersive entertainment district designed to provide experiences for entertainment and brands the likes of which have never been seen before. Outernet features the world’s first of its kind space- The Now Building - containing an immense digital canvas: a 4-storey high, floor to ceiling, 360 degree, 16k screen surface – the most advanced of its kind in the world. London will kick off a global roll out with sites planned in New York, LA and Europe.