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QueerAF is a platform for queer creatives like you to build your career

Our mission is to support, mentor, and build the resilience of queer creatives to get their first commissions and kickstart their media career.

We believe the UK media industry thrives when it’s bursting with queer talent. That's crucial because only a media industry that represents, hires, and understands us – can help shift the narrative on being queer in the UK.

We’re excited to have you involved in our platform and can’t wait to see what you come up with. Find out how to get started below.

We are QueerAF – and so are you.

We're open for pitches

By submitting a pitch to QueerAF, you are accepting our contributor guidelines. Make sure you have a read of them here.

These are the formats we're currently accepting pitches for:

Queer Gaze

We're commissioning emerging and underrepresented queer creatives to write a section of our weekly newsletter called the 'Queer Gaze'.

The Queer Gaze is a space in our newsletter to commission emerging and underrepresented queer creatives so you can get published, receive mentorship, and kickstart your career. Each commission comes with a unique sub-editing session designed to put you in control of your article.

It's great for writers with little or no experience who want to get into writing and journalism. It's also great for those looking to build their portfolio and hone their craft.

We're mostly focused on the UK - but we welcome pitches from anywhere:

Journalist Like Me

In collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network, we've published a content series of articles written by LGBTQIA+ journalists about their experiences in the media.

It shares stories of being queer in the media and models the change we want to see. Many stories offer alternatives and solutions to the issues LGBTQIA+ creatives face in the industry.

This scheme is now re-open. Pitch here: