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What our creatives say

"I loved the whole process, there are few places and organisations that have made it this easy for me to work with them. Plus the fact that I could write about what was important to me and that I didn't have to justify why." – Shivani Dave

QueerAF is a platform where creators, journalists and producers can get paid and commissioned directly by the QueerAF community. This, while we mentor them to build a career, work in the industry - and then, change it.

Even the most established journalists struggle to find time to sit down and speak to their editor, but we make time. Β Our 'retro' sub-editing session empowers writers to be in control of their work and improve their craft.

It's been described as "like therapy, but for writing" - and it's helping:

"I found it a very useful in depth look at why we're writing the story instead of the usual faceless editing."
"Great opportunity to understand the editing process, writing tips and tricks - a bucket full of creative advice!"
"I loved the process and how helpful you've been to a novice writer."

The idea is simple.

Support queer creatives to get into the newsroom - and then help them change it.

One of the biggest barriers to starting a media career is getting those first and early commissions. That's what we deliver to our creatives while you get award-winning content from fresh new voices.

We ask every creative to rate our process. 90% gave us a perfect score on our communication and approach. The retro, our unique way of editing their work, has an average rating is 9.8/10.

Our approach is award-winning and industry recognised across multiple platforms, including our newsletter and podcast scheme - but we can't do it without you.

We believe there’s a better way to be seen, heard and celebrated. Join us to change the media for good.