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Conversion therapy ban U-turn, first trans MP, Trans Day of Visibility and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week

Conversion therapy ban U-turn, first trans MP, Trans Day of Visibility and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week


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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • What. A. Week. Our top story has changed at least four times! We have a look at so much news this week - from the first trans MP to the media's role in multiple U-turns on banning so-called "conversion therapy."
  • Trans Day of Visibility. Our antidote to the news? Gender euphoria. We bring together some of the best Trans Day of Visibility content.
  • Queer Parivaar. This week's Queer Gaze reflects on BFI Flare and asks filmmakers to stop telling our story for everyone - and just tell queer stories for us.

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LGBTQIA+ people are still facing life-or-death decisions in Ukraine. We're resting 'Live Laugh Love' and have a section about queer Ukrainian lives instead.
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πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ Conversion therapy ban, but not for trans people

TL;DR: After nearly four years of dither, delay, and false promises, the government's ban on so-called conversion therapy won't include trans people. This was revealed on Trans Day Of Visibility, a day that is supposed to focus on the joy in transgender lives.

This week in the UK, the largest energy bill price hike hit us. Covid-19 cases were higher than they've ever been. Twenty 10 Downing Street staffers were fined for breaking lockdown rules.

But what did the political and media elite discuss? People's genitals.

Journalists across the media asked: "Does a woman have a penis?"