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From Hollyoaks to Hollywood, when's it my turn to be the main character?
QueerAF Podcast Podcasts Trans+ History Week

From Hollyoaks to Hollywood, when's it my turn to be the main character?

QueerAF Podcast: Season Five, Episode Six – We all know the trope: the supportive bestie who helps the main character finally achieve their dreams, gives the advice that helps them land the heartthrob or drops hard truths that lead to epiphanies. We all know that’s producers and casting directors' favourite place to tick their diversity boxes. Ki Griffin should know, they're the actor playing them - listen now.

In this episode: 

This week, Hollyoaks actor Ki Griffin, black trans-masculine person who uses he/they pronouns, asks "When do I get to be the main character?"

Looking at black trans-masc representation in TV, film, and theatre - while connecting the dots with wider social conversations about black masculinity - join Ki as they explore where the black trans-masc representation is in TV and film? With guests:

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The history lesson we never had

The episode was produced as part of the QueerAF launchpad initiative Trans+ History Week. Season five of the podcast has been made by six trans+ creatives who have been paid, mentored, and supported by the not-for-profit publisher QueerAF to make a show.

Each creative has also been given equipment to make the show, which they can keep forever, as part of an initiative to help more Trans+ creatives break into and succeed in the audio industry. 

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Episode Credits: Produced by Lucie Isle, with additional hosting from Jamal Utting. Exec produced by Jamie Wareham. This episode was made possible thanks to Publicis Groupe UK.

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