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3 in 5 people of all ages in the UK think businesses have a responsibility to use their resources in creating positive change for LGBTQIA+ people – Portland

It's a time of unprecedented coordinated attacks on brand's pride campaigns, challenging years of positive action and marketing.

People at home are tired of clickbait and news outlets fuelling this hate.

There has been an exponential rise in LGBTQIA+ hate crimes – up by 348% in the last six years. That's around 85 hate crimes a day in the UK.

So much of what we think and feel comes from the media, often unconsciously - so yes, this is all deeply connected.

Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. The first step to tackling these issues is being armed with the best information.

Connect your business to the LGBTQIA+ world

Keeping up with the fast-changing LGBTQIA+ landscape is tough for anyone - let alone for businesses and organisations.

QueerAF readers tell us how frustrated they are that bosses and businesses aren’t more understanding of their needs as LGBTQIA+ people.

In a recent survey, they told us their most significant challenges at work were:

  • Upper management not understanding or being ignorant about LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Being misgendered, bullied or harassed while working in judgemental and even hateful environments
  • Having to hide their identity or, when they do come out, managing the extra energy it takes to be authentic and open as themselves
QueerAF for Organisations memberships support, mentor and launch the media careers of emerging and queer creatives while helping your staff understand the LGBTQIA+ world.

They demonstrate that your business promotes inclusivity, diversity and wants to tackle hate in the media.

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QueerAF is a newsletter for people who want to understand the LGBTQIA+ world without having to keep across multiple media outlets and sources. It helps you navigate LGBTQIA+ news and what it means for your business.

Ready for the start of each week, we explain the queer headlines and send QueerAF Organisation staff members a co-branded newsletter with the week's top stories, trends and content the queer community is talking about.

Customisation options allow you to write a unique intro, change the lead image and brand it with your own look. You can choose to make it a newsletter from you, with the content delivered by us – or simply send the usual newsletter to your staff.

Why organisations join QueerAF

Organisations who want to tackle hate in the media, play their part in reducing hate crimes and tackle anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetroic head-on are aligning themselves with media that is modelling the change people want to see.

It's why organisations representing 90% of the world's advertisers have already pledged to divest from media enabling hateful content, attitudes and views.

Becoming an organisational member of QueerAF is a chance to put your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives into action:

QueerAF for organisations membership demonstrates your commitment to diversifying the newsroom and the media we all enjoy.

It's different. We know

Trust in mainstream media is at an all-time low. So we're modelling the change we want to see: Building trust with our audience by letting them into the newsroom, and being transparent about how we work.

Usually, only editors get to see data like this. But for the same reason, we became the first and remain the only LGBTQIA+ publisher in the UK to be regulated - we're transparent about our contributors.

Who reads QueerAF?

We're loved by senior media professionals, queer business owners, LGBTQIA+ community leaders, alongside all kinds of advocates and allies.

QueerAF readers are Managing Directors, Senior Business Development Managers, Strategic Partnership Officers, and Finance Analysts who work for:

Joe Lycett's got our back

QueerAF Lifetime Member
"As I was growing up seeing queer people on television was a lifeline for me and many others in understanding that there was nothing wrong with me - as well as giving a sense of the wider queer community. Representation in the media remains vitally important for young queer people and I wholeheartedly support it."

Your membership supports marginalised queer creatives to build a media career

"I loved the whole process, there are few places and organisations that have made it this easy for me to work with them. Plus the fact that I could write about what was important to me and that I didn't have to justify why." – Shivani Dave

QueerAF is a platform where creators, journalists and producers can get paid and commissioned directly by the QueerAF community. This while we mentor them to build a career, work in the industry - and then, change it.

We're creating a new generation of LGBTQIA+ creatives, building their skills, resilience and crucially their ability to communicate powerfully.

Even the most established journalists struggle to find time to sit down and speak to their editor, but we make time. Our 'retro' sub-editing session empowers writers to be in control of their work and improve their craft.

We use these sessions to build our writer's strategic communication skills. It's been described as "like therapy, but for writing" - and it's helping:

"I found it a very useful in depth look at why we're writing the story instead of the usual faceless editing."
"Great opportunity to understand the editing process, writing tips and tricks - a bucket full of creative advice!"
"I loved the process and how helpful you've been to a novice writer."

Your organisation's membership will go a long way in supporting our community of diverse and hard-working creators.