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QueerAF has partnered with DIVA and Trans+ History Week

We're running a dedicated series of think pieces as part of the Queer Gaze - our landmark writing scheme - but focused on the general election and the issues around it.

The opportunity

Is for up to ten early talent, unpublished or marginalised LGBTQIA+ journalists who will:

  • Write a short 400-500 word think pieces, using QueerAF's Queer Gaze format - paid at a rate of £75 each.
  • Get one of QueerAF's unique 'retrospective' skills-based sub-editing sessions with each commission so you can understand the editing process, grow your journalistic craft and strategic communication skills.
  • Recieve multiple portfolio-building opportunities with content published across QueerAF and DIVA Magazine.

QueerAF's unique approach to journalism

"I loved the whole process, there are few places and organisations that have made it this easy for me to work with them. Plus the fact that I could write about what was important to me and that I didn't have to justify why." – Shivani Dave

What kind of pitches do we want?

In today's fast-paced and often overwhelming news environment, it's easy to feel lost among sensational headlines and biased reporting.

These articles for DIVA and QueerAF, with the support of Trans+ History Week, will offer sober analysis and a reliable friend, offering clear and concise election analysis delivered with both integrity and a queer perspective.

These are some of the subjects we're interested to hear pitches on:

  • Conversion Practices
  • Gender Recognition Reform 
  • Trans+ Healthcare
  • Fertility function and IVF equality 
  • Broader LGBTQIA+ health
  • Trans+ Kids
  • Education and Sex Education
  • Housing
  • Discrimination
  • Israel and Gaza
  • Other issues related to the general election

We're not looking for hot takes and clickbait opinions. We're looking for analysis, evidence-based thinking, and accessible expert opinion.

Something to keep in mind

QueerAF and DIVA are both non-partisan outlets, so we're looking for issue-based stories, not ones specifically about political parties or figures. We do recognise, as we do in our first 'policy round-up', you'll need to talk about parties and politicians in your articles though:

Who will ban so called conversion therapy in the general election?
Where do the different political parties stand on conversion practices?

We're going to be writing policy round-ups like this on several major key issues; this is not what we're looking for from you.

Your think pieces should respond to these very factual reports with expert opinion and analysis.

A think piece aims to be thought-provoking and speculative. It consists chiefly of background material, analysis and some expert opinion.

The details

  • The deadline is rolling until the general election. The first commissions will begin from 5th June.
  • They will be published across multiple QueerAF (newsletter, website, social media) and DIVA (website, social media) channels under a joint 'Queer Election Watch' branding in partnership with Trans+ History Week.
  • We're particularly interested in hearing from BAPOC, Trans+, Women, Disabled, Low Income, Migrant and marginalised LGBTQIA+ identities.
  • To pitch, you need a working headline, a few bullet points to explain what you'll write about, and some links that will back up your expert, evidenced-based opinion.
  • All pitches will need to be delivered in accordance with QueerAF contributor guidelines and our IMPRESS regulation

What is QueerAF?

We help you understand the LGBTQIA+ world and support queer creatives to change the media. We're an award-winning independent platform launching the careers of emerging and underrepresented LGBTQIA+ creatives driven by people, not advertisers.

Ultimately, QueerAF is a platform where creators, journalists and producers can get paid and commissioned directly by the QueerAF community. This while we mentor you to build a career, work in the industry - and then change it.

What is DIVA?

DIVA is a European magazine targeted towards lesbian and bisexual women. The magazine contains features on lifestyle issues affecting young lesbian and bisexual women and allies as well as political developments in the lesbian scene.

What is Trans+ History Week?

Trans+ History Week is dedicated to celebrating the rich history of transgender, non-binarygender-diverse, and intersex individuals through stories, events and lesson books for the whole world to use. It is a QueerAF launchpad project and an independent Trans+ led CIC run by a team of volunteers.