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Ricky Gervais, Non-binary in Parliament, Big Boys, Kevin Spacey and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week

Ricky Gervais, Non-binary in Parliament, Big Boys, Kevin Spacey and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week


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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Ricky Gervais. His Netflix special which features an hour of transphobic jokes has caused an uproar. These lazy jokes will spread to the playground and streets inspiring bullying and hate.
  • Bad gays. Should we celebrate history’s horrible homos? This new podcast thinks so, plus the Queer Gaze asks us to bridge intergenerational gaps - and be humbled by our past.
  • Binary debate. Parliament debated including non-binary people in law this week thanks to an e-petition. It was laden with dog whistles and scaremongering.

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⚽ Ricky Gervais' jokes will inspire hate crimes and bullying

TL;DR - Whatever you think about Ricky Gervais' comedy - the hour of transphobic jokes in his Netflix special released this week will have a violent impact.

The media lapped up Ricky Gervais' latest work this week: his Netflix special. It's a format where comedians are given an hour on stage with a live audience to do what they would do on their own tour.

Unlike panel shows, this format gives comedians the freedom to do what they want. Ricky Gervais chose to dedicate his hour to mocking, laughing about and taking aim at one of the most vulnerable communities: transgender people.

The hour of jokes, described as an anti-trans garbage fire, was lauded by some newspaper columnists as refreshing. But what did people at home make of it?