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Going back home, to uncover the UK's first-ever Trans+ conference
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Going back home, to uncover the UK's first-ever Trans+ conference

QueerAF Podcast: Season Five, Episode Two – Did you know that 50 years ago, Leeds held the UK's first-ever Trans+ conference? Let's jump on the train and delve into the history lesson you never had - listen now.

In this episode: 

This week, Alexander Parnham Cope, a trainee broadcast journalist at City University specialising in data and investigative journalism travels back to a city he called his home.

In Leeds, Alex uncovers the curious and little-known history of the city, which held the UK’s first-ever Transgender conference some fifty years ago. Leeds welcomed transgender people to its hotels and halls then. It is proud of its history of supporting trans people now. 

  • Meet one of the organizers of a 50th anniversary celebration of the conference Luna
  • Join us for a walking tour of the city's queer sites with Kit Heyam
  • Interview with one of the last surviving members of the Trans group of the Gay Liberation Front, Roz Kaveney
  • End this episode loving Leeds's little-known but inspiring gender-diverse history. 

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The history lesson we never had

The episode was produced as part of the QueerAF launchpad initiative Trans+ History Week. Season five of the podcast has been made by six trans+ creatives who have been paid, mentored, and supported by the not-for-profit publisher QueerAF to make a show.

Each creative has also been given equipment to make the show, which they can keep forever, as part of an initiative to help more Trans+ creatives break into and succeed in the audio industry. 

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Episode Credits: Hosted by Kenny Ethan Jones. Produced by Jamie Wareham. A QueerAF Production. With thanks to all of our guests valuable time.

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S5, EP2: The UK's first ever Trans+ conference