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Tom Daley's Queer Olympic Gold Speech And Other LGBTQIA+ News This Week

Tom Daley's Queer Olympic Gold Speech And Other LGBTQIA+ News This Week

Jamie Wareham
Jamie Wareham

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Tom Daley used his Olympic gold to send a reminder about something we all share – Love

Unless you've been under a rock this week - you'll have noticed Tom Daley won his first Olympic gold medal. It's a huge moment from the superstar diver from Plymouth, UK.

But Daley did something even more special this week. He used his moment to remind the world about queer love.

"When I was a little boy, I felt like an outsider and different," he told the world at his press conference after winning. "I felt I was never going to be anything because who I was wasn't what society wanted me to be."

"I hope that seeing LGBT people performing at the Olympic Games gives young kids belief and means they won't feel so frightened, scared and alone.

"Whoever you are, no matter where you come from, you can become an Olympic champion - because I did it."

For Daley, it's clear winning gold wasn't just about a sporting triumph. Right from the start of his journey, Daley has had a bright queer vision.

That was clear from when he took control of coming out into his own hands on his YouTube. Striking at the time, because it was more common at the time for someone with a public profile, to come out in the press or one of the gay magazines.

And throughout his journey, many of us have shared the highs, the victories. But also the lows, including him losing his Dad. Something which led to an outpouring of the collective queer warmth. An opportunity to share the joy of his victory with partner Matty Lee. It was clear to see this almost universally on my social timelines.

It of course came with a tacit reminder of how relevant representation at this level is too. Scroll beyond the queer love, and you'd quickly find the 'Why did he have to gay this up' comments.

Well, ten countries taking part in the Olympics this year prescribe the death penalty for being LGBTQIA+.

And so Daley's determination, to share the victory's inherent queerness? It was real and evident.

Daley wants young queer people to be able to see him on TV. To know, they too can get married, become a Dad – win an Olympic Gold. That's pretty damn QueerAF.

β€œI feel incredibly proud to say I am a gay man and also an Olympic champion.” Β - Tom Daley, Olympic Gold Medallist, Tokyo 2021

πŸ… It's a queer Olympics after all

As well as Tom's Gold medal, there is a whole bunch of amazing queer athletes competing this year. In fact, over 160 in total according to NBC. You can get a highlight of the men from Attitude Magazine - and the full list of all competing, including all genders from Gay Times. Also:

  • International Olympic Committee praises weightlifter Laurel Hubbard before transgender athlete’s Olympic debut - The Guardian
  • TikTok users are outing Olympic athletes by posting Grindr screenshots, putting athletes from countries where it's illegal at risk - Indy100
  • Commentators have been criticised for repeatedly misgendering the first openly non-binary Olympian despite having pronouns highlighted on their skateboard - Metro
  • If LGBTQIA+ Olympians were a country, at one point this week they had enough medals to tie with Brazil on the international leaderboard - PinkNews

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