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What is Trans+ History Week?

Trans+ History Week is dedicated to celebrating the rich history of transgender, non-binary, gender-diverse, and intersex individuals through stories, events and lesson books for the whole world to use. It is a QueerAF launchpad project and an independent Trans+ led CIC run by a team of volunteers.

Add Trans+ History Week to your calendar:

- Trans+ History Day 06 May
- Trans+ History Week 06 - 12 May

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What is a QueerAF launchpad project?

QueerAF's launchpad projects facilitate, mentor and support LGBTQIA+ creatives in their own original projects as part of our not-for-profit publisher's mission to help you understand the LGBTQIA+ world, and support queer creatives to change the media.

The story so far...

MAY β€˜23 - First Article published

Marty Davies pitched for the QueerAF Queer Gaze scheme and wrote about learning that the first ever trans clinic was raided by Nazis. The story quickly became a tool to shutdown the β€˜transgender trend’ lie online.

NOV β€˜23 - Trans+ History Week announced

This led to the idea that we needed more stories surfacing our gender-diverse history, told by trans+ creatives. We needed to make space for people to take the time to learn history. After consultation with the community, we launched Trans+ History Week, which is now supported by 20 LGBTQIA+ sector orgs.

Then, thanks to all of your incredible donations in our crowdfunding raising thousands of pounds, and a huge wave of support in new QueerAF members - we were able to head full steam ahead, into 2024, with a mission to invest in Trans+ creative talent...

MAR β€˜24 - Educational workbook launched

We developed our first educational workbook, the single most important artefact we will create each year. In it, we surface four stories from our history that teach us four lessons that inspire and empower us in our present. Its job is to inspire the whole world to mark the week in their own way, using these four stories as an easy and robust guide to do just that.

MAY β€˜24 - First ever Trans+ History Week

We’ve invested in 20+ trans+ creatives to tell trans+ history stories. We’re hosting two events, a community event and a poetry event in London. AND we’ve launched a powerful UK-wide advertising campaign to encourage everyone to reflect on trans+ history.

What is QueerAF?

We're the UK's only non-profit, regulated LGBTQIA+ publisher. Our mission is to help you understand the LGBTQIA+ world and support queer creatives to change the media.

Everything we do at QueerAF is about ensuring there is a better way for our LGBTQIA+ community to be seen, heard and celebrated in the media - this launchpad project is just the latest of our many initiatives.

Trans+ History Week is our first launchpad project, but it builds on past endavours like our What The Pox? podcast. When we support creatives, we don't just want them to leave with skills, mentoring and support - but solid foundations to succeed as they go forward.

But it's an approach we can't take without you. QueerAF members drive our work, get a greater say on what content we create and receive early access to our content. Everyone who signs up on this page will help us:

  • Create a dedicated pot of funds for Trans+ creatives all year around
  • Tell the millennia-old history of gender-diverse communities
  • Plus get at all of the perks of a QueerAF membership, at 20% off.

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