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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: Helen Joyce, Nick Offerman and Biological Essentialism

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: Helen Joyce, Nick Offerman and Biological Essentialism


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So when we announced our first ever launchpad initiative, designed to share our secrets and enable queer creatives to create their own social enterprises using our values - this was a crucial part of the plan.

This weekend we're launching a survey to capture what kinds of stories and storytellers you'd like us to focus on as we invest in 20 Trans+ Creatives for the first ever Trans+ History Week.

Trans+ History Week is a reflective period to learn and celebrate the momentous and millennia-old history of transgender, non-binary, gender-diverse and intersex people. It will begin on 6th May 2024 - the 91st anniversary of the Nazi raid on the world’s first trans clinic.

The guiding principles for the stories we'll tell are:

  1. Our joyful stories are just as important as our traumatic ones.
  2. All stories have a learning we can apply in our present.
  3. Our intersectional community guides commissioning through tools and forums.

And so we invite you to take part, have your say - and help us tell Trans+ history stories.

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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Helen Joyce. If an LGBTQIA+ person was caught reading erotic fan fiction about teenage characters tagged as a story about "minors" on a train, the media response would have been very different. We explore the Sex Matters allegations.
  • Nick Offerman. Analysis from Anthony Crocker in the latest QueerAF member contribution celebrates the actor's now-viral speech - with one crucial counterpoint.
  • Biological Essentialism. Mizy Judah Clifton explores why the endless search for the origins of transness does more harm than good in the Queer Gaze.

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Sex Matters director Helen Joyce admits to reading erotic 'fanfic' for "research" after being spotted reading 'minor' tagged NSFW content on a train

TL;DR: A viral social media thread captured images of Sex Matters director and staunch anti-trans lobbyist Helen Joyce reading erotic fan fiction about teenage Harry Potter characters on a train. The organisation admitted Joyce was on the train and reads fan-fiction, claiming it was for research purposes.

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