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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: India Willoughby, Ru Paul and breaking the binary

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: India Willoughby, Ru Paul and breaking the binary


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This week QueerAF is written by me, your friendly sub-editor Rowan Gavin, and another queer creative as usual. Thanks to Rhys Everquill for editing help!

💬 This week:

  • India Willoughby. The broadcaster has reported JK Rowling to the police for comments made online this week. We look at how this and other recent stories show that the so-called ‘gender critical’ lobby is losing its respectability.
  • Breaking the binary. Navigating gender fluidity after you’re accepted as trans can be tricky. William Elisabeth Cuthbert shares his story of navigating his femme side as a trans-masc person in this week’s Queer Gaze.
  • Trans+ voices in media. They’re sorely needed – and two new projects are launching this week to help build the platform.

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India Willoughby is right – the ‘gender critical’ mask has come off, and what it reveals isn't pretty

TL;DR: In another anti-trans tirade on social media, JK Rowling stepped up her transphobic rhetoric in comments about broadcaster India Willoughby. Meanwhile, so-called ‘gender critical’ activists failed an aggressive attempt to ban trans women from an outdoor swimming pool. Both stories show that the anti-trans lobby is losing its respectability.

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