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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: Target, Strictly Come Dancing and lessons as a parent

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: Target, Strictly Come Dancing and lessons as a parent

Rhys Everquill
Rhys Everquill, QueerAF

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Understand the LGBTQIA+ headlines and keep track of the latest queer content and perspectives. This week, QueerAF is written by Rhys Everquill, while Jamie takes a well-deserved break.

I'm a journalist, writer, and media consultant. I co-founded the Great Central Gazette, a local independent newspaper in Leicester - I'm really excited to help you feel QueerAF with my first newsletter shift.

πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Target. The US retail giant has been sued for a line of Pride-themed clothing, in a case that could change the way businesses support social causes.
  • Amanda Abbington. The actress has backtracked on her previous comments about trans and non-binary people.
  • Lessons as a parent. Benaifer Bhandari writes about how her three LGBTQIA+ children came out to her.

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Target sued by investor after anti-LGBTQIA+ customer backlash

TLDR: Conservative legal organisation America First Legal (AFL) has initiated legal action against retail giant Target, setting the stage for a legal battle that could have far-reaching implications for the intersection of business, diversity and social issues.

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