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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news this week: Chest binders, Mermaids, Quacky the Duck and more

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news this week: Chest binders, Mermaids, Quacky the Duck and more

Jamie Wareham
Jamie Wareham, QueerAF

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💬 This week:

  • Chest Binders. In the latest media-manufactured scandal explained - we look at why the Charity Commission wrote to Mermaids following a newspaper investigation.
  • Policing labels. It's kind of perfect that the week after we shared a piece about why it helps no-one, the new home secretary took that phrase to a new level. We explore.
  • Joy please! It's been a tough few weeks, so there is one less TL;DR, and a BUNCH more queer content in Queer Senses this week.

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🏳️‍⚧️ Chest Binders: The latest anti-trans media-manufactured  distraction

TL;DR: This week the pound crashed, markets were in turmoil, confidence in the new PM fell to new lows - and The Telegraph asked a journalist to pretend to be a 14-year-old trans person to see if they could get access to chest binders. This media-manufactured scandal has led to some bizarre statements and coverage, including from the Met Police.

You'd be forgiven for thinking trans charity Mermaids faced scandal after scandal this week including serious allegations around child safeguarding. But look beyond the headlines, and some choice use of quotes, and the picture is more nuanced and complex.

It began when The Telegraph published an ‘investigation’ into whether Mermaids are supplying chest binders to children without parent’s permission. It did this by accessing the charity’s services for young people on a forum which only young trans people are supposed to be admitted to.

This led to a statement from the Met Police, which The Telegraph published, but only in part. The full statement from the Police said: