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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: UN Intersex Resolution, Uganda and Queer Joy

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: UN Intersex Resolution, Uganda and Queer Joy


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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Intersex. A historic ruling was passed at the UN this week for Intersex rights. We explore what it means and the bigger picture.
  • Uganda. A little known code of conduct signed by multinationals is being ignored amid controversy around the country's anti-LGBTQ laws.
  • Joy. A new research project has been discovering a broader understanding of the importance of queer joy. Alice Wilson writes in the Queer Gaze about what it's found so far.

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Why a landmark UN resolution about Intersex people's lives is so important

TL;DR: One of the most marginalised and forgotten parts of the LGBTQIA+ community was the focus of a landmark report that will set in motion a new global evidence-gathering process. Intersex people commonly face a series of abuses including unnecessary, irreversible surgeries as children.

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