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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: What could a Labour government mean for LGBTQIA+ rights?

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news: What could a Labour government mean for LGBTQIA+ rights?


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The word historic is sometimes overused in journalism. But this week’s election was, no doubt, a pivotal moment.

As we unpack in this week's newsletter, though, despite Starmer's Labour being far from an ally, our potential as a movement to shift and engage has been reset. And in other news this week:

  • A team of Trans+ journalists are producing vital investigative journalism,
  • Trans kids have been taking direct action in a move we haven't seen the like of for decades,
  • Plus the responses to our election watch series and our membership drive have been incredible.

All that has filled me with hope that this election is a pivotal moment for us. For the LGBTQIA+ sector to get off the defence, and go on the march forward.

And here at QueerAF, we're investing the money you gave us this Pride month in a new Audience Development producer, the Trans+ creative, Dee Whitnell:

Hey, I'm Dee (they/them), QueerAF's newest Audience Engagement Producer!  Joining the QueerAF team feels like a full circle moment, from writing my first piece to now commissioning pieces, knowing that each and every creative and story is treated with care and expertise. You'll find out more about myself and what my role is next week over on our Instagram, but for now, I have a poll for you - a poll for polls if you will! QueerAF is all about making you our most important editor, and having a conversation with you. So each week at the end of the newsletter we'll get your views and then share the results over on our Instagram story. This week we want to see what kind of questions you would WANT to answer! Look out for that at the end of the newsletter - see you on our socials...

A big welcome to Dee! As we enter a significant period in the UK while the new government gets up and running, you can trust us to be here - in your inbox and across your socials - every week doing what we do best:

Investing in LGBTQIA+ creatives to help you understand the news and helping them build careers so they can change the media.

Let's get stuck in.

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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Labour: What did Starmer and the party say about our rights and lives during the election, and what could their time in power mean for us? We explore.
  • Bayswater: A vital piece of investigative journalism shows how one small, largely underground anti-trans and pro-conversion therapy group has played a pivotal role in influencing politics at the highest levels.
  • Immigration: Gemma Grover-Hinds looks at why, as a community, it's up to us to embrace and make the argument in favour of immigration. Read in the Queer Gaze.

Skip the doomscrolling and support queer creatives instead. We are QueerAF – and so are you.

What could a Labour government mean for LGBTQIA+ rights?

TL;DR: After winning a vast majority, Labour has the opportunity to transform the UK. But it took an 'on the fence' approach during campaigning, so it's unclear where the party stands on a number of crucial LGBTQIA+ policy points. Despite headlines from much of the media that seem to lock the party into policies, for now there is a lot we don’t know.

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