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Cancelling Gentleman Jack is a loss for queer women everywhere
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Cancelling Gentleman Jack is a loss for queer women everywhere

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 SHE/HER Lesbian, woman, working class  Sophie Perry LGBTQ+ Journalism Network founder

Last week, queer women around the world were rocked by heartbreaking news: Gentleman Jack has been cancelled.

On July 7, a mere month after the finale of the second series, HBO announced it would not be moving forward with a third series of the historical drama.

The announcement - which shrewdly came just one week after Pride Month ended - resulted in an outcry from fans who were shocked that after only two series, Sally Wainwright’s spellbinding portrayal of lesbian identity and romance was no more.

Photo: HBO

In response, thousands of fans have already signed a petition calling for the show to be renewed, highlighting just how much the story of a 19th-century industrialist means to queer women today.

Before Anne Lister reached my screen, I never believed that I could feel so seen and validated by the story of a staunch traditionalist, land-owning Tory who died 162 years ago.

For years, the representation I saw on television was contemporary, with characters’ storylines mired in the agonies of discovering their sexuality, the fallouts from coming out and, often more than not, the β€˜Bury Your Gays’ trope.

Photo: HBO

For many queer women, Gentleman Jack is more than a gorgeously produced period drama with dazzling costumes, steller writing and phenomenal casting; it is actually our history.

The story of Anne Lister is the story of the β€˜first modern lesbian’. It is a story of someone who knew so fully who they were at a time that was not ready for them - a complex and groundbreaking person, who also happened to have the first known lesbian marriage in Britain.

The true story of the LGBTQIA+ community has continually been scrubbed from the history books. Tracing our queer ancestors and, in essence, the history ourselves is a difficult task.

Photo: HBO

Gentleman Jack brought this history boldly and unashamedly to prime-time television, giving a generation of queer women a fresh understanding and appreciation of their roots.

The cancellation of the show is not just a loss for fans, it is a loss for queer people everywhere who long to have a better understanding of their own existence and history.

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  Sophie Perry is a journalist, writer and founder of the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ stories, social justice and arts and culture.   SHE/HER Lesbian, woman, working class  Sophie Perry LGBTQ+ Journalism Network Founder

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