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Holding out for my trans masc hero - will I find one?
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Holding out for my trans masc hero - will I find one?

QueerAF Podcast: Season Five, Episode Four – Join the Irish transmasc non-binary bi butch dyke, Oran Keaveney to uncover not only the complex and inspiring stories like Margaret Skinnider and pioneering doctor James Barry but their own identity, as they try find to find their own place in the vibrant tapestry of as they delve into Irish Trans+ history - listen now

In this episode: 

As an Irish lesbian living in Dublin, Oran Keaveney spent a great deal of time documenting and discovering the queer women who shaped modern Ireland. It was a huge turning point and they felt like they fit into their country’s mythology.

Now that they’ve transitioned and moved to London, they're here on QueerAF to look for this moment of self-recognition in Irish history again - but this time through the lens of transmasculinity, with a search for a trans masc hero from Irish history, with guests:

  • Dr Mary MacAuliffe a lesbian historian and expert on Margaret Skinnider
  • Eliott Rose, a trans, post-graduate historian at the university who specializes in queer studies speaking on Dr James Barry
  • Iarfhlaith O’Connell, Oran's co-host on the In Awe of MnΓ‘ podcast for Near FM

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The history lesson we never had

The episode was produced as part of the QueerAF launchpad initiative Trans+ History Week. Season five of the podcast has been made by six trans+ creatives who have been paid, mentored, and supported by the not-for-profit publisher QueerAF to make a show.

Each creative has also been given equipment to make the show, which they can keep forever, as part of an initiative to help more Trans+ creatives break into and succeed in the audio industry. 

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Episode Credits: Produced by Oran Keaveney. Exec produced by Jamie Wareham. This episode was made possible thanks to Publicis Groupe UK.

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