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Is The Sims a queer utopia? (obvs)
Queer Gaze Transgender Media Representation

Is The Sims a queer utopia? (obvs)

HE/Him queer, trans, low-income background, poc, neurodiverse  Felix Mufti Activist, performer, writer

Long before I let everyone know my name is Felix, I created Felix the Sim.

Felix and his boyfriend had a beautiful life. I dedicated much of my real life to making sure their needs were satisfied. Their house was beautifully furnished and they had the cat of their dreams.

I thought playing The Sims would be a phase I’d grow out of. Nevertheless, as β€˜Urgent’ unopened red-stickered envelopes pile up at the front door, I find it easier to pay fake bills online. Even though it’s probably the only time I’ll have to pay tax on a Vampiric Mansion.

I still remain upset that the β€˜Motherlode’ hack (which automatically gives you 50,000 simoleons) does not exist in real life...

Did you make all your Sims gay too? You’re not alone!

Many Queer people have limited control over our IRL realities. Although I had always been aware of living vicariously through my Sims - I had never really taken time to think about to what extent I was doing it.

If I had exposure to queer trans men when I was younger, maybe I would have realised why I resonated with Felix the Sim so much.

Younger me just assumed they were a fictional family. One I enjoyed creating a good life for.

Screenshot from the sims with queer sim Felix
Felix the Sim

I didn’t realise it at the time but I was creating the life I wanted, for Felix the Sim, without any awareness he was even me.

Sometimes, we may not be able to live as queerly and openly as we deserve to in the wider world.

For now, it's no surprise so many of us live our queer reality, virtually.

When we surround ourselves with other people who are creating a better world around them, we can create the change we need to see. Let's curate our queer reality.

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