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Lia Thomas, Olly Alexander, Overblocking and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week

Lia Thomas, Olly Alexander, Overblocking and other LGBTQIA+ stories this week

Jamie Wareham
QueerAF, Jamie Wareham

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πŸ’¬ In this week's issue:

  • Swim. There have been a lot of stories about transgender sports star Lia Thomas, we take a look 🏊
  • Love. It's the antidote to fear and the vibe behind our fave social post this week, from writer and all-round rockstar Alok V Menon πŸ‘πŸΏ
  • The beeb. Olly Alexander is clearly too sexy for his shorts, or at least the BBC. OH, and his new album is out πŸ’™

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🏊 Transgender athlete Lia Thomas is an excellent swimmer

Over in the US, there has been a big dΜΆiΜΆsΜΆcΜΆuΜΆsΜΆsΜΆiΜΆoΜΆnΜΆ media frenzy over transgender college athlete Lia Thomas over the last few weeks.

It's seen broadcasters stir quite the moral panic. They've even managed to get the most decorated Olympian of all time to weigh in on the matter. So what's the deal?