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QueerAF partners with the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network
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QueerAF partners with the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network

Jamie Wareham
Jamie Wareham
As part of our commitment to the sector, we've partnered with the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network to run a content series and help develop a thriving network of queer media professionals.

QueerAF has partnered with the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network.

Together we'll be running the new content series: 'Journalist Like Me'.

It will be a series of articles written by LGBTQIA+ journalists about their experiences in the media.

The series will show how possible it is to have a successful media journalism career as an LGBTQIA+ person.

It will share experiences, advice and stories about people's media careers.

As well as stories the series will model the change we want to see by offering alternatives to how bad situations could be handled differently. It is open to pitches now.

"By absolute accident, the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network and QueerAF launched in the same week in January 2022. Since then we've both grown in support, members and subscribers," says QueerAF founder Jamie Wareham.

"It's the perfect serendipity. It goes to show just how urgent it is we have a strong, resilient movement of queer media professionals. I'm even more excited at the potential for change, now we're working together."

Only when a media industry represents, hires, and understands us – can it help shift the narrative on being queer in the UK.

"This collaboration will put the lived experiences, stories and advice of queer journalists front and centre," says LGBTQ+ Journalism Network founder Sophie Perry.

"I am exceptionally excited to be working with QueerAF and looking forward to where this partnership goes in the future."

All the details on how to pitch for Journalist Like Me are now available. The series is open to all, from those just starting their career to established queer media professionals who are opening doors for the rest of us.

About LGBTQ+ Journalism Network

The LGBTQ+ Journalism Network is a space for LGBTQ+ journalists across the UK – and at any stage of their career – to find, support and learn from each other. LGBTQ+ journalists have always existed and the network celebrates their work, encourages them and aims to encourage a new generation.

About QueerAF

QueerAF is an independent platform launching the careers of emerging and LGBTQIA+ creatives driven by members, not advertisers. As a not-for-profit publisher, we redirect our funds from our weekly newsletter into helping marginalised queer people build a media career, so they can work in the industry - to change it.