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QueerAF Founders and Supporters who make our mission possible
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QueerAF Founders and Supporters who make our mission possible


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QueerAF supports, mentors and builds the resilience of queer creatives to get their first commissions and kickstart their media careers.

Our founding circle of members and supporters have joined to help us kick-start our journey as a community interest company that runs a weekly newsletter to amplify queer creatives' work.

But that's just the start. Their pre-launch support has helped us build a platform funded by people, not adverts. Since then, a wealth of early adopters have joined us.

Together it's allowing us to tell stories because they matter to the community, not for clicks. We create content for the LGBTQIA+ world, not advertisers.

Only a media industry that represents, hires, and understands us – can help shift the narrative on being queer in the UK.

Our supporters:

  • QueerAF founding members have helped to fund our first set of newsletter commissions with memberships that pay emerging and underrepresented LGBTQIA+ voices.
  • QueerAF lifetime members believe in our work so much, they've signed up forever - to help us secure the future of our work.
  • QueerAF early adopters are people like you. You can join this list of incredible LGBTQIA+ folk and see your name on this page by signing up to become a member now, in our crucial first year as a CIC and publisher.

Our circle of founders includes a huge mix of media industry leaders, queer business owners, producers, presenters, journalists, LGBTQIA+ community leaders and indie media supporters.

Together, we're a movement that will support a new generation of LGBTQIA+ creatives who can work in, and with the media, to change it.

We are QueerAF – and so are you.

Meet QueerAF's supporters

Do you want to see a change in the media too?

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Lifetime members

Joe Lycett Comedian and television presenter

The comedian formerly known as Hugo Boss, Joe Lycett, is a lifetime member of QueerAF. He's helping to secure the future of our work: To build a queer community platform that is funding queer careers while telling stories and producing content for our members, not advertisers.

"As I was growing up seeing queer people on television was a lifeline for me and many others in understanding that there was nothing wrong with me. As well as giving a sense of the wider queer community. Representation in the media remains vitally important for young queer people and I wholeheartedly support it."
- Joe Lycett, QueerAF Lifetime Member
Lifetime member Chris King Thunder and CEO, Lightning Travel Recruitment

Chris King is the Thunder and CEO of luxury travel and lifestyle recruitment firm Lightning Travel Recruitment.

"It's my belief that we should be the change we want to see. QueerAF is that change."
- Chris King, QueerAF Lifetime Member

Founding members

Media industry leaders

Alex leads Forbes’ international strategy in Europe, driving business and audience development and represents the Forbes brand as a thought leader across the region.

Rae is a creative communications professional with twenty years of experience in the global media industry. She is currently Head of Corporate Communications for production powerhouse Banijay, creator of shows like Big Brother, Masterchef and Black Mirror. Rae is also part of Intermedia, an LGBT network for people working in the media.

"Queer AF is a truly unique outlet, sourcing the best stories specifically tapped into the LGBTQIA+ audience. It’s refreshing to read, thoughtful and has interesting stories, written by queer people, for queer people."
- Rae Langford, founding member of QueerAF

Steve has worked in events, theatre, radio & TV for many years. Despite working in the arts and media Steve has only seen better progress in LGBTQ+ representation in recent times. "Anything we can do to move faster is a great thing!"

LGBTQIA+ community leaders

Tom is Director at Guy Piper Architects. In 2005 he founded National Student Pride in 2005 and Architecture LGBT+ in 2016. At QueerAF, we've long collaborated with National Student Pride who funded the first four seasons of our award-winning podcast. It's great to welcome Tom, an incredible mentor to so many young LGBTQIA+ people, as a founding member.

Char Bailey is a creator and holder of physical and metaphysical space. She uses her background in NLP& Peak performance coaching, to passionately engage the queer community in their individual and collective journey. Char is well known for her Instagram content, and work with UK Black Pride as Education and Inclusion officer.

Adrian is a non-binary LGBTQIA+ activist and campaigner. As Liberal Democrat, he became the first openly HIV+ Parliamentary candidate. Adrian is also the former Chair of the Community Advisory Board for Pride in London, and a global inclusion, diversity and intersectionality expert.

Journalists, presenters and media professionals

James Barr is a British radio DJ, TV presenter, podcaster and comedian, best known for his award-winning podcast, A Gay and A NonGay with Dan Hudson. James has been a guest on the QueerAF podcast a number of times to show his wonderful advocacy for mental health, and the stories our community needs more of.

"We need a space for queer journalism, stories and content that is safe from wider media industries damaging lack of representation and support. QueerAF is that space"
- James Barr, founding member of QueerAF

Jack is a publicist and PR consultant for a number of top media stars and business leaders. He is currently communications manager for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Karen is a long-time and award-winning audio producer. Currently, at podcast hosting and production company Audioboom, she's had an illustrious career producing top-quality audio content.

"I know what a fantastic stepping stone QueerAF will be in helping young queer talent get the experience, training, confidence and mentorship they need to kick start their media careers. There is so much talent out there, and so many stories that deserve the chance to be heard. Without initiatives like QueerAF, we might never get the chance to hear them."
- Karen Bevan, founding member of QueerAF

Sarah has had an incredible and long career at Bauer Media. She is known for supporting a team of rising media professionals to grow their wings in her department.

Jon is a senior sports editor and writer. He's been specialising in content about LGBTQ+ inclusion; advocacy and consultancy and is well known for founding Sports Media LGBT+. The group is a network and consultancy that advocates for inclusion in both in the media industry, and across sport in general.

I'm supporting QueerAF because I want to help to provide more opportunities for LGBTQ+ talent to access the media and build portfolios
- Jon Holmes, founding member of QueerAF

Queer business owners

Christopher Kenna is CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance, a company that connects brands with diverse audiences globally. He is also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at OUTvertising, the Advertising industry Lobbying Group.

Brand Advance is also an organisational member of QueerAF, and their staff get a syndicated version of our newsletter. It's the perfect way to show you support our community and a fab perk for your staff.

Robin is the co-founder of Gray Jones Media, the world's fastest-growing LGBTQ media company. You'll know them from titles like Gayming Magazine, Bear World Magazine, and the newly launched Vacationer.

QueerAF's work is invaluable in supporting LGBTQIA+ people's voices to be heard and to help them be fairly employed by media companies.
- Robin Gray, founding member of QueerAF

Gary is founder and CEO of FounderTribes a global community of founders, investors and executives that embrace, empower and celebrate entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

Craig is a diversity and inclusion specialist. He is the group managing director of EA Inclusion, a global cultural change, inclusion & diversity, and behavioural impact consultancy with over 30 years of experience.

EA Inclusion is also an organisational member of QueerAF who helps to keep us running so we can support, mentor and launch the careers of even more emerging and LGBTQIA+ creatives.

100% QueerAF founders

Whitney & Megan Bacon-Evans are lifestyle, LGBTQ+ and travel influencers. The 'wife & wife' duo are also known as 'Wegan'. They have a combined following of 300k+ followers who enjoy content about their love, breaking down stereotypes and inspiration. They're also fighting for IVF equality by exposing the terrible postcode lottery and discrimination LGBTQIA+ parents face.

Kyle Taylor is an expert on digital privacy and data issues. He is the author of "The Little Black Book of Data and Democracy” and the Director of Fair Vote UK. Kyle is also QueerAF (and has been an invaluable guide during our build-up to launch - thank you.)

"The queer community needs a platform where the editorial decisions are in the readers’ hands - not advertisers"
- Kyle Taylor, founding member of QueerAF

Martin is a multi-entrepreneur and creative mind roaming the world of inclusion. He is learning our differences and trying to amplify marginalised and underrepresented voices with objectivity, equity and equality.

Pete Jordi Wood is an author, screenwriter and illustrator. His debut screenplay β€œI Don't Care” became a Channel 4 television drama starring Iwan Rheon and Paloma Faith and he has written for the BBC's EastEnders.

Vicki is a supporter of independent media and news organisations run in the public interest.

Kestral Gaian Writer, educator, activist

Kestral is a proudly autistic trans woman, activist, and writer, working to build the future of education.

Founder of QueerAF, Jamie was told by an editor to stop pitching gay stories because there was 'no money or audience' in them. QueerAF has been proving that editor wrong since day one. No one should be told their identity isn't worth telling stories about. It's why we're setting out to change the media with a new generation of queer creatives.

We'd also like to thank David, Stu, Steve, Jamie, John, Ali, Alex and Gareth for their time, membership and contributions behind the scenes. 

Early adopters

Since we launched, a bunch of people have signed up to lock in an early adopters membership with QueerAF. This lot have sent a clear signal to the media industry: It's time for a change.

A big welcome and thanks to these Early Adopters:

Andi Wingate, Lee-ann Dunton, Thom Geraghty, John Dickinson-Lilley, Andrew Henderson, Aby Hawker, Caroline Elisabeth Cull, Jo de Serrano, Ian Townson, Jack Newman, Jodi Fox, Michael Stephens, Jaron Soh, Lucy McKillop, Jan Gooding, Chris Grant, Leo Soph Welton, Krista Sharp, John McGrath, Ian Delworth, Dave Moreton, Laura Blake, Paula Murphy, Julian Phatarfod, Peter J Fullagar, Shiraz Hussain, Β Jay Tallsquall, Stephanie Manson Brown, Gustavo Cairo, Nadine Heir, Jodi Dowse-Packham, Lachlan Smith, Sam Hamner, Liz Terry
, Jessica Lauren, Fran, Joanne, Ben, Aimee, James, Sofia, Philippa, David, Martha, James, Ruth, Sarah, Chance, Rach, Natascha, Tom, Ash, Nicola, James, Rebecca, and everyone else who has joined the movement.

See your name here, join the movement.

It's really easy to support us. You can sign up for free to read our newsletter and support queer creatives.

But if you really think we've earned it, you can join our founders and become an early supporter of QueerAF.

Our memberships are usually Β£7 a month (or Β£59 with an annual discount).

But for a limited time only, we're offering a huge early adopter discount with a massive 40% off.

To thank you, you can lock in this discount forever, getting all the perks we create for our members as we grow.

You'll unlock early access to our emerging queer creatives' awesome content, and get to see your name by the work you directly fund. We'll give you a shout out on social media and we'll even list your name right here on this page.

Will you join our movement to change the media with Joe Lycett, the MD of Forbes in Europe, celebrity influencers Wegan and a whole host of amazing queer folk?