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Trans-led inclusive media is the answer to their anti-trans obsession
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Trans-led inclusive media is the answer to their anti-trans obsession


If transphobic media coverage can turn people against trans equality, then surely the inverse must also be true. Can trans-inclusive media be part of the solution?

The UK is often praised for its generally tolerant approach. In 2004 the Gender Recognition Act was extremely ahead of its time, and it has received public support for almost two decades.

So it should be concerning that for the first time ever we see a decline in that support, specifically around GRA reform.

This coincides with a massive uptick in anti-trans media coverage.

Not only that, but even when mainstream media does attempt to include trans-inclusive comments or opinions, they will often seek out a cisgender person to provide it.

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Trans people are kept out of conversations on our issues entirely.

We know that this exacerbates transphobia - a YouGov poll earlier this year shows that just knowing a trans person makes you less likely to support transphobic beliefs.

It can be easy to read doom and gloom into the statistics, but that's not what I see. I see solutions.

By understanding what's happening now, we can more easily identify what helps anti-trans narratives to spread and then combat them in future.

The Trans Writes homepage

How can we combat anti-trans hate in the media?

How? With more trans representation in media and by helping more people get to know those content creators.

This is what we aim to do with Trans Writes. We have sourced articles exclusively from transgender people around the world.

We pass the mic directly to trans people living their lives and let them say what they want to say.

So far we have published some amazing coverage of the first LGBT rights protest in Nigeria, a review of Abigail Thorn's 'The Prince' and even a piece from Abigail Thorn herself discussing her views on the nature of dysphoria.

Other trans-led outlets and content creators we love:
Trans Safety Network, The Good Trans News Twitter account, Oestrogeneration, Jamie Raines, Samantha Lux, Kat Blaque

The reception we've had speaks for itself. The public has been deliberately starved of positive trans news and trans representation. So the response to projects like Trans Writes has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Our initial soft-launch fundraising goal raised almost Β£2,000, and every paid-for contributor piece has been met with praise.

It doesn't look like transphobia is going anywhere soon, but that doesn't mean we can't do anything about it.

We are not as powerless to resist this as media giants would have you believe. Support queer-led media.

Calling himself the Ace of Spades, Tyger Songbird is an asexual writer, educator, and advocate. Tyger Songbird's portfolio includes articles for publications such as LGBTQ Nation, bringing awareness to LGBTQ rights and causes. He/Him Tyger Songbird Asexual activist and writer Black Aromantic Asexual

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