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Trans+ History Week special: Guest editor Dee Whitnell

Trans+ History Week special: Guest editor Dee Whitnell


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Welcome - to what is for many, your first QueerAF. A huge surge of new readers have joined us this week thanks to Trans+ History Week, I can't wait to be part of Saturday morning routine - with a newsletter that helps you navigate news and content about out community.

It’s been a huge week for us, the UK’s only not-for-profit and regulated LGBTQIA+ publisher. We’ve been on billboards all over the UK, run our first live event with over 200 guests, relaunched our award-winning podcast, picked up support from celebrities, and as the week closes - politicians, who in cross-party action tabled a motion to recognise the first ever Trans+ History Week as a matter of parliamentary record

Everything we do at QueerAF is about ensuring there is a better way for our LGBTQIA+ community to be seen, heard and celebrated in the media - this launchpad project is just the latest of our many initiatives.

Trans+ History Week is our first launchpad project, but it builds on past endeavours like our ARIAS-nominated What The Pox? podcast. 

When we support creatives, we don't just want them to leave with skills, mentoring and support - but solid foundations to succeed as they go forward.

This week alone, we’ve paid, published, and supported over 30 Trans+ creatives to deliver this week’s official content, mentoring and facilitating a team of over 20 LGBTQIA+ volunteers to deliver this humongous achievement. 

For now though, I’ll hand you over to this week’s Trans+ History Week takeover edition, with guest editor Dee Whitnell.

Next week, we'll be back to our usual format - helping you to skip the doomscrolling but understand the LGBTQIA+ news anyway. Be sure to check it out.

Jamie Wareham, QueerAF founder.

Hey, I’m Dee (they/them), founder of UK solidarity campaign Trans Kids Deserve To Grow Up, qualified sex educator, freelance journalist, and an award winning Trans activist. I was also involved with the first ever Trans+ History Week created by Marty Davies and QueerAF - many of you may have seen me on the raffle ticket stand at our first event! This week’s QueerAF is a little different to usual. For my guest edit, instead of lots of news - I’ve brought you a selection of Trans+ History Week’s top content, stories and scoops. I am so proud of the team for pulling Trans+ History Week together. Jamie was at the heart of that - please support QueerAF by upgrading today to help with the great work Jamie does. I’m QueerAF, You’re QueerAF, we’re all QueerAF!

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💬 This week:

  • History of Trans+ sex ed. Sex education in the UK is under review, and with the publication of the Cass Review and the Gender-Questioning Guidance, the landscape is changing once again. For my long-read article for Trans+ History Week I help you understand the long history of Trans+ sex education in this week’s Queer Gaze slot. 
  • Early day motion. Labour MP Kate Osborne marked the first Trans+ History Week with a UK Parlimentary motion to recognize the millennia-old history of transgender, nonbinary, gender diverse and intersex individuals - X/Twitter
  • Trans+ History Week event. The inaugural Trans+ History Week main event went off brilliantly, with over 200 individuals joining for a a live podcast recording of the brand new season of the QueerAF podcast.

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  Queer, Transmasc, Nonbinary, Neurodivergent  They/He Dee Whitnell Qualified LGBTQ+ Sex Educator, journalist, author

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