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Let’s lead with love instead of fighting their hateful anti-trans views
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Let’s lead with love instead of fighting their hateful anti-trans views


No matter where you stand on trans rights, I hope we can at least agree that everyone deserves to love and feel loved.

I’ve witnessed the jaw-dropping increase in anti-transgender stories across the media spectrum. Research by one trans activist who monitors media trends suggests a staggering increase in trans-hostile media.

This intense backlash against transgender people in the media has real-life implications.

We must ensure our efforts to refute these attacks don’t backfire. If we inadvertently share false claims even to combat them or set the record straight, we just increase public exposure of misinformation, falsehoods and hate.

In an environment where so-called feminists have allied with anti-LGBTQIA+ fascists, and counter-protests get reframed as 'thuggery' by right-wing media. We need to find ways to make sure our efforts aren’t turned against us.

There’s a place for direct action protests, but these carry the risk of arrest and put a significant burden on LGBTQIA+ people and our resources. While ordinary forms of protest like marches are being criminalised. Despite so much effort and solidarity, anti-trans hate continues to rise. So, what can we do instead?

IPSOS Mori’s latest Pride Month polling shows that the vast majority of people across the world’s major economies are in favour of protecting trans people from discrimination.

If the voices of global allies were amplified in a united message, perhaps we could change the narrative for trans people in the media and real life.

I’m asking all of our allies to answer the call by focusing on a value that we can all understand - love.

#TransPeopleAreLoved is a call to action for trans allies around the world. To demonstrate their support for transgender people, amplifying a united message to ‘Make Love the Loudest Voice’. Why?

Because love is a source of motivation. Love strengthens society. Love restores self-esteem and self-worth. Love builds trust. Love wins hearts and minds, as we saw in struggles for marriage equality in Ireland, the US and Australia.

#TransPeopleAreLoved is a campaign every ally can get behind. It’s a message that needs to be heard and felt all around the world right now.

I’m frequently asked by allies what they can do to show their support? This campaign gives them a tool to do just that.

Let’s lead with love. Let’s make love the loudest voice.

  Sophie Perry is a journalist, writer and founder of the LGBTQ+ Journalism Network. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ stories, social justice and arts and culture.   SHE/HER Lesbian, woman, working class  Sophie Perry LGBTQ+ Journalism Network Founder
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