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Understand the LGBTQIA+ news this week: Suella Braverman, GATE report, Tavistock and more

Understand the LGBTQIA+ news this week: Suella Braverman, GATE report, Tavistock and more

Jamie Wareham
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πŸ’¬ This week:

  • Suella Braverman. How the government's top lawyer got the law wrong - and is facing criticism from lawyers and charities over a vindictive anti-trans speech.
  • Tavistock. No, thousands of families aren't suing it, but a successful press release around an 'ambulance chasing' case told a different story.
  • Amatonormativity. A landmark ruling in Sweden sets an international precedent for asexual rights. Tyger Songbird explains in the Queer Gaze.

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Section 28 through the backdoor: Another chilling speech

Analysis by the UK's first non-binary Mayor Owen J Hurcum:

TL;DR The Government's top lawyer this week argued in a speech to a think tank that the law allows schools to discriminate against trans children, despite the Equality Act preventing this. Her interpretation has been disputed by lawyers and charities.

This week Suella Braverman, the Attorney General (a.k.a. the government’s top lawyer) gave an inflammatory speech. It sent a worrying signal about the increasingly hostile direction of the government on trans rights.

Her speech was full of the run-of-the-mill dog-whistles, transphobia and ignorance we’ve come to expect from many government representatives.

But this time, the danger is not promises of future policy to harm children in our community – but because she argued the current law should be read as enabling direct discrimination of our community, primarily in schools.

What did the Attorney General say?