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11. One Year On: MPOX can be passed asymptomatically

It’s been quite a year since we last spoke to you.

But since we have, as many of the experts we talked to predicted, pockets of outbreaks that have the potential to spread epidemically have started to pop up again.

We’ve also seen Monkeypox get renamed to MPOX to combat stigma and racist stereotypes connected to the virus. Β 

As we mark a year since the UK outbreak peaked, we wanted to check in and ask what we know now. Has it gone away? Will it come back? And when it comes to diseases that impact marginalised communities, what lessons have we learned?

This week's guests are:

  • Will Nutland - Co-founder of The Love Tank CIC
  • Dr Chole Orkin - British physician and Professor of HIV/AIDS medicine at Queen Mary University of London
  • Dr Richard Peabody - WHO lead of high-threat pathogen team

Listen to understand:

  • How MPOX is spreading asymptomatically, and what this means for the spread.
  • Why people with HIV and low CD4 counts are dying, as experts call for MPOX to be classified as an AIDS-related disease.
  • New information on vaccines' effectiveness and whether you can get reinfected - early signs showing a mutation means this is now possible.

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Credits: Hosted and produced by Martin Joseph. Directed and executive produced by Jamie Wareham. A QueerAF Production. With thanks to all of our guests valuable time.

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11. One Year On: MPOX can be passed asymptomatically
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