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8. Can you even get a monkeypox vaccine in the UK anymore?

I haven’t had one. Some people have - but with a limited supply left, just who can get a vaccine?

Medical professionals are under the assumption that I currently don’t need a vaccine as they think I probably have some immunity.

But we don’t know how long that will last. I’m nervous about if and what immunity I have and how long it will last. I can’t imagine having to go through all of this again.

And what about the folks that haven’t had Monkeypox? How easy is it to get a vaccine? And what about those like me that went through this, was their experience any better? Today, we’re travelling around the UK to find out.

Because if you want to hear about access to the vaccine, then we need to speak to the folks that have tried, succeeded or failed to get hold of one to find out what the pox is going on? This week's guests are:

  • Harun Talunay - Sexual health expert with lived experience of monkeypox
  • Dan Ellis - Director and actor
  • Conor Macis - PHD student and Uni of Bristol teacher who shares his monkeypox journey
  • Topher Taylor - Award winning pleasure expert and queer columnist

Listen to understand:

  • What parts of the UK have better access to monkeypox vaccines
  • Why care is different depending on where you live
  • How soon after having monkeypox can you be more confident that you don't pass it on via sex

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Credits: Hosted and produced by Martin Joseph. Directed and executive produced by Jamie Wareham. A QueerAF Production. With thanks to all of our guests valuable time.

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8. Can you even get a vaccine? We travel around the UK to find out
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